Sunday, February 27, 2011

Romania to Germany 2011

We are busy planning our trip from Bucharest, Romania to Dresden, Germany staring later this month. It has taken more advanced planning this trip to replace the passports I lost on the last trip. We will be joined again by our traveling companions Jack and Mary Jane. The first section of the journey is a river boat cruise up the Danube from Bucharest to Budapest, the capital of Hungary . On this cruise we will sail past the natural wonders of the Iron Gate region; visit the Serbian capital of Belgrade and the Croatian city of Osijek; discover historical treasures of Bulgaria; and admire the graceful charms of the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Before leaving Bucharest we hope to visit Dracula’s Transylvania and a quick run over to the resort-lined beaches of the Black Sea.
After reaching Budapest our companions head for other adventures and we head for Vienna, “City of Waltzes.” I want to see the Hofburg Palace and, of course, My Sweetheart wants to go shopping along the Ringstrasse. This is tentative since we will be renting a car in Budapest and she says Vienna, Prague and Dresden but I have the keys and all I can guarantee is that I will get on the plane home from Dresden.
I hear today it’s snowing and thirty degrees in Bucharest and I’m wondering what nut planned this trip. Anyway, I packing my camera and warm clothes and praying for an early spring.
It’s time to go Syfogin!