Monday, January 27, 2020

The Absolutely Best View in San Miguel de Allende

In trying to recovery one of my old blogs I discovered this from 2017.  Old but still valid.  This place is beautiful.  By the time I send this out it is the winter of 2020. I still love Mexico and San Miguel but the growth in this area has been tremendous.  Along with that growth we have had an increase in crime.  Each area of the country has its own self style cartel.  It makes you more careful about where you go at night .  Some cities are off limits  even in the day time.  My Sweetheart will not go to the closest Costco or Home Depot but instead will drive the extra fifteen miles to go to Queretaro.  The road to and the town of Queretaro being a lot safer than going to Celaya.
But again I will say I love it here and have no plans of going back.  The people are wonderful, the weather is amazing and the town of San Miguel de Allende is beautiful.

The  Boy's Coffee and Camel Club
Our Wednesday morning coffee group was looking for a new place to meet.  Each member had a suggestion, one of those places suggested turned out to be a great undiscovered find. The View Hotel is easy to find if your willing to travel to places not usually seem by tourist or locals.  Of course if you are a local from the community of Las Cabras you are well aware and the in credible vistas offer by the small hotel and restaurant located quietly on the top of the Picachos mountains surrounding the Presa Allende.

The presa (lake) in the distance.

Presa Allende