Friday, July 10, 2020


            It’s four months later and we’re still wearing masks, social distancing and living in lockdown. Mexico set a new record yesterday with 7000 new cases. I can’t say anything good happened during this period of isolation but because of having so much free time on my hands, I was able to finish my book and get it up online. 
The book is the second in the Freeman Agency series: Booger County Blues.

AVAILABLE NOW, June 18, 2020!! A Freeman Agency Novella #2
BOOGER COUNTY BLUES  The price is only $4.97, so follow the link and help a starving artist.
When Eric Freeman tries to help his uncle, Jason Carter, regain his life and his dignity, he discovers a beautiful young lady planning to cheat her way into millions. So if you’re tired of the facemasks and social distancing, my new novella BOOGER COUNTY BLUES, will be sure to lighten your mood. Here's the link: