Monday, April 13, 2020

Solving My Life’s Dilemma’s

           Someday, I really can't guess when but normalcy in society will return, until then we just have to live with what life throws us.
            As with most people, I sit here inside my house in the middle of Mexico with not much on my plate. Yes, we have shelter-in-place rules down here.  I can look out my office window and see the beautiful purple jacaranda trees and the blooming bougainvillea hanging over the surrounding walls. In my last blog I was having problems in sorting out my short term and long term life’s goals or as I call it a reason to live. I have made some progress, sorting out my life, for now mostly short term.  Then short-term activity can leave to long-term commitments.
 I have started taking daily walks around my neighborhood, these walks help to clear the mind and stretch the legs that are used to doing nothing that walking to the bathroom and back.  That’s life when all you can do is sit and read.  The walks have allowed me to meet many of my neighbors and converse with then over the appropriate distance. In Mexico the appropriate distance is far enough back so you can't smell the tequila on your neighbors breath.  I’m finding I have a very normal group of neighbors.  Some of them run, some walk the dogs and then some sit in the park, like myself, and contemplate their life dilemmas
  My next step in this time of isolation was to hire an editor for the book I’ve been writing for years. As most of you know I can’t write so I need an editor.  How don’t get excited about reading the great American novel, my book is a short (maybe 60,000 words) comic novella about my life in Booger County Texas.  It is the second in the Robertson County series.  My goal is the get it on Amazon for price under five dollars.
            In my search for life’s meaning I have also taken on a major challenge.  I am going to sort out and organize all my computer passwords.  When I contemplate life's undertakings this one is gigantic. I found out recently that in trying to transfer passwords from one computer to a new laptop, all passwords could be lost.  At that point simple things like just logging in in the morning can turn in to a day’s activity.

It seems I have survived the shelter-in-place syndrome and in the next blog Ill be talking about tequila and mescal.  You will want to know what this pretty young girl has to do with tequila and mescal, I will let you know.  In the next few days I will be doing extensive research on the subject.

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